Marco Armiero (Ph.D. in Economic History) is an environmental historian and a Senior Researcher at the National Research Council, Italy. Marco is a fellow at Eco2BCN/ICTA (funded by an EC Marie Curie grant). He is one of the founders of the environmental history field in Italy, authoring, among other works, the first Italian textbook on the subject. His main topics of study have been the history of environmental conflicts over property rights and access to common resources (forests and sea), the politics of nature and landscape in Italian-nation building, and the environmental history of mass migrations.

In English, he has published several essays and edited the book, Views from the South: Environmental Stories from the Mediterranean World (19th -20th cent.). In the next few months Ohio University Press will release his edited book "Nature and History in Modern Italy". After two short periods of research at the University of Kansas and Brown University, he worked at the Program in Agrarian Studies, Yale University, at the Environmental Science, Policy and Management Department, UC Berkeley. He worked at The Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University, where he was a visiting scholar in 2007-2008 and 2009-2010 with a grant from the National Endowment for Humanities and the Italian Research Council. At Stanford Marco worked on the environmental effects of mass migrations, using as a case-study Italian immigration in the West of the US.