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About University of Chile :

The Geography Department of the University of Chile carries out research on land use planning and environmental issues, urban problems, social, rural, urban climatology and extension activities (participation in symposiums, conferences and public broadcasting). The Department seeks to understand the geopolitical structure, functioning and evolution and participate in the proposed plans and projects of territorial development at different scales. It practices and promotes interdisciplinary research on key socio-political and environmental issues of local, regional and international importance. It hosts and organizes two Master programs in Geography and it participates in the coordination of 3 interfaculty master programs of the University of Chile.

Their role in Entitle:

As part of Entitle, the University of Chile will organize the first international political ecology conference in Latin America. The University’s mentors have expertise in critical geography, social metabolism and the study of natural disasters, such as fires and earthquakes. The fellow recruited under Entitle studies forest fires and tree plantations in Chile and Catalonia.  



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