Entitle Policy Briefs

Entitle Policy Briefs

Policy briefs are short reports which highlight the key findings of research conducted within the ENTITLE project, indicating clear recommendations for policy-makers, the latter including the EU, national governmental authorities, private companies and civil society.




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Mining and development: Improving the socioenvironmental implications of mineral extraction
Diego Andreucci, Julie de los Reyes, Giorgos Velegrakis.

‘Swiftly Growing’: Mapping the Proliferation of ‘Swiftlet Farms’ in Malaysian Cities
Creighton Connolly

Ending illegal trafficking and disposal of hazardous waste in Italy: knowledge and solutions from impacted local communities
Salvatore Paolo De Rosa

Aquaculture development in Europe: fish farm conflicts, relevant social actors and their demands
Irmak Ertör

Natural or human-made? The causes of water salinization in Llobregat River, Catalonia
Santiago Gorostiza

Dams, landslides and drying springs? Lessons for the governance of hydropower and mountain development in the age of climate change
Amelie Huber

Small bugs, big issues: vector-borne disease in the age of mobility and climate change
Panagiota Kotsila

The limits of forest governance: Forest fires as challenges when producing mono-cultural natures. Lessons from cases in Spain and Chile
Marien González Hidalgo

Beyond Principles and Declarations: Taking Indigenous Rights Seriously
Felipe Milanez, Jonah Wedekind

Addressing food insecurity in times of crisis: lessons from alternative agro-food movements
Rita Oliveira Calvario

Policy implications of the Implementation of Pay-As-You-Throw System for Municipal Waste
Gabriel Weber