Entitle Action Briefs

Entitle Action Briefs

Action briefs are outcomes of the ENTITLE project related to the social and political relevance of the research conducted. Each doctoral and post-doctoral fellow translated their findings into a short report with key actions concerning the case study of their research, directing it to implicated stakeholders, including various environmental justice and/or civil society organisations.



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Improving socio-environmental sustainability in mining areas: The Poopó lake basin in the Bolivian Andes
Diego Andreucci

Do Virtual Water flows actually flow? The importance of contextualizing virtual water estimates
María Beltrán

The construction of a sub-national carbon trading program
Patrick Bigger

‘Swiftlet Farming’ in George Town (Penang), Malaysia: a persistent challenge
Creighton Connolly

From mapping conflicts to visualizing community resources The making of the Atlante Italiano dei Conflitti Ambientali and its potential further developments
Salvatore Paolo De Rosa

Aquaculture in Europe: Learning from fish farm conflicts
Irmak Ertör

Achieving sustainable forest commons in Mexico: From local self-organization to multi-scale political mobilization
Gustavo García López

Making the most of the anniversary: 25 Years of Ecología Política (1991-2016)
Santiago Gorostiza

Collectively Reactivating and Strengthening River Advocacy in Europe
Amelie Huber

Diarrhoea: More than medicine for fighting disease
Panagiota Kotsila

Desafíos ante la extracción forestal mediante plantaciones: más allá de “cambiarlo todo para que nada cambie”
Marien González Hidalgo

In the heart of darkness of capitalism and colonialism: Project exhibition at the Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Belém, Pará
Felipe Milanez

Facing the inequalities of the agrifood system: The challenge of food sovereignty
Rita Oliveira Calvario

Negative impacts of oil activities on the environment and local people in tropical rainforests
Martí Orta

Scaling up the work of small environmental NGOs. Lessons learnt from an organization in Greece
Giorgos Velegrakis

Becoming Something Else: The Anti-mining movement of Rosia Montana
Irina Velicu

The Implementation of Pay-As-You-Throw Systems for Municipal Waste: Insights from Case Studies in Catalonia and Mallorca
Gabriel Weber

Failed Biofuel Investments and Silenced Civil Society Organisations: Towards a public discourse on agrarian land and labour rights in Ethiopia
Jonah Wedekind