New volume "Political Ecology for civil society"

The Manual for NGOs

New volume "Political Ecology for civil society"

ENTITLE releases its new volume "Political Ecology for civil society", a manual developed by Entitle doctorate and post doctorate fellows and coordinated by ICTA- Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona and CDCA - Centro di Documentazione sui Conflitti Ambientali.

Designed for a broad audience and in particular for the use of civil society organisations and active citizens, the manual offers an accessible insight into political ecology providing intellectual and practical tools based from the experiences as "activist-scholars" or "engaged-scholars" of the new generation of political ecologists.

Organized around the 5 main themes of the ENTITLE project: environmental conflicts, disaster capitalism, social movements, commons, and democracy, the book explains what is the contribution of a political ecology approach, defines key concepts and illustrates theories, methods and tools through a case studies' approach so to provide readers with accessible and transferable knowledge. The manual also seeks to reflect on how different scholars have defined this scholar-activist relation and to enhance collaborations between civil society and academia for the purpose of transforming current unjust and unsustainable social-ecological arrangements.

To read and disseminate the manual,  download the pdf here.