Agorà of movements in defense of territories and for environmental justice in Naples

From 4 to 6 March 2016, Entitle offers a workshop in Naples on environmental conflicts

Agorà of movements in defense of territories and for environmental justice in Naples

The complete program (in Italian), with all the information on the event, the plenaries, and the synopsis of the working tables is available in our Entitle blog.

From 4 to 6 March 2016, The Agorà of Naples will be held in the Castle of Maschio Angioino. It will be crossed by different groups and individuals who share the experience of organization, action and research on and into environmental conflicts, and who want to reflect together on ideas and strategies for building collectively a toolbox in tune with the social and ecological challenges of our times.

At the Agorà of Naples there will be the representatives of social movements, of local committees and of neighborhood associations from all over Italy, together with individual activists, scientists and researchers engaged in the critical analysis of environmental conflicts and in struggles for real democracy.

To participate

To participate on behalf of a movement, committee or association, we ask you to send a brief description (max 500 words) of the group that you come to represent, along with the elements on the type of conflict in which you are involved in.

For researchers, we ask you to send a brief description of the research project (300-500 words) and to indicate whether you are willing to present your work at the event in a session dedicated to this and to add it in the publication.

There will be no selections, everybody is invited to attend. The Agora is open to individuals and groups, to which we require only to signal their participation via email.

The language of the Agorà will be Italian.

Entries must be sent to the address:

Travel and accommodation

Some limited number of individual reimbursements are offered to cover partially the travel expenses for those coming from outside Campania, up to a maximum of 100 euro. To get the refund, send the receipts of transport to the mail of the Agorà.

The network of Neapolitans activists will offer hospitality in the city free of charge or at a reduced cost. Those interested in this type of accommodation (obviously rather humble), should specify it in the mail for participation.