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Entitle Conference: Undisciplined Environments

Coimbra Workshop

Power and conflict are at the core of socio-environmental change, but existing knowledge and higher education structures are ill-equipped to address them. Most of socially-relevant environmental research takes place within isolated disciplinary silos and has a disciplinary orientation. Questions are framed in relation to scholarly traditions, not in terms of the structure of the problems and the conflicts at hand, which transcend conventional departmentalization.

This summer term two lectures with Entitle members are planned in Berlin

Coimbra Workshop

Dr. Gustavo Garcia Lopez, Entitle fellow at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, will present "The state and the commons: Dynamics of resistance, collaboration and adaptation in Mexico" on the 28th of May, and Prof. Erik Swyngedouw, from Manchester University, will introduce "Liquid Power: Contested Hydro-Modernities in Twentieth-Century Spain" on the 4th of June.