Research for Civil Society

Research for Civil Society

From December 14th to December 19th, the environmental justice non-profit organization Centro Documentazione Conflitti Ambientali (CDCA) will host the course “Research for Civil Society” in Rome (Italy). The basis for the course is the “Manual for Civil Society Organizations” that Entitle fellows and CDCA are preparing, intended as a resource tool for civil society organizations that want to use political ecology for their everyday practices.

This intensive course run by scholars, activists and professionals, aims to provide fellows with knowledge based on the ground experiences giving meaningful insights of the interface between social science and civil society in research. The course will review various approaches to, and use of, research, as well as tools for, or resulting from, collaborative research and it will question the use and pertinence of research processes and results for civil society. The course has been built so to give more space as possible for discussion and direct interactions between fellows and speakers, making the most of exchange of experiences and production of collective reflections. Among main speakers: Stephanie Roth, Anders Lund Hansen, Antonio Marfella, Marco Armiero, Sandra Morelli, Stefano Laffi. 

The activities include an environmental tour in Campania on the 14th, a three day course with core lessons and two extra days of activities to work on Entitle deliverables. Even though the main sessions of the course are restricted to network researchers and a small number of PhD students from outside the network, two very interesting public events free of charge will be offered in Rome. 

The toxic tour in Campania, December 14

On the 14th of December, CDCA is organizing for Entitle mentors and fellows a one day tour in symbolic areas of environmental destruction in the Naples area. It will be the occasion to witness the effect of one of the worst case of environmental injustice in Europe and to meet and exchange with citizens and local committees on their struggle and their experiences of collaboration with the scientific sphere.

The Public Conference on Environmental Conflicts, December 16

The University Roma 3 will host the Entitle public conference "Environmental conflicts. Experiences and knowledge from eco-resistances", with Goldman Prize Stephanie Roth, Marco Armiero, Christos Zografos, Federica Giardini and Salvatore Altiero. The conference will be held in Via Ostiense, 234, Rome on the 16th of December from 5.30 to 7.30 pm 

The Public presentation of the Book Teresa e le altre, December 18

Presentation of the Book "Teresa e le altre" by the author Marco Armiero, Director of the Environmental Humanities Laboratory at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. The book will be presented in Rome for the first time in presence of the author on Thursday 18th December (in Italian).